And finally, my birthday…


It’s taken me 6 months, but I finally whittled 500 great photos by Keri Knapp Photogrphy down to 25 for the blog. A difficult task indeed! For archival purposes it is dated on my birthday, here’s a link to the new page: Pauline’s 50th Birthday party

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Calgary Zoo with the Girl Guides


The big year-end trip this year was a sleepover at the Calgary zoo. They slept in the “Canadian Wilds” building, next to the otters. Lots of fun!

Lunch stop in Field, BC

Madeline clowning it up as a baby penguin 🙂

Photos by the girls:

Spring Fishing


We love to go fishing for the day and explore the area south of here on Arrow Lake. Simon and the girls went out with our friend Stu.

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Our talented and poised dancers:

Emily ready for her Michael Jackson mix dance recital.

Madeline ready for Lyrical dance.

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The Arts


The end of the school year draws near and that means recitals, competitions and finished projects.
Both girls participated in group dance competion in Vernon and came away from it with silver medals. Emily is in a Jazz group and Madeline is in Lyrical (a type of expressive modern ballet).

Emily was asked to participate in this project to construct a permanent piece of art for her school lobby. Each of the 20 participants designed and created a tile with clay and special glazes. Emily is shown below beside her tile with the white snow and skis. Her rationale for her tile is that she loves to ski, it is a healhy, outdoor activity, and that Revelstoke is a “ski-town”. Well done Emily!

Emily began playing the clarinet this year and got dressed up for her recital. What a beautiful young lady she is becoming!

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Spring has sprung!


I sooo love the first flowers that pop up in the springtime, giving us a much-missed burst of colour.

On a warm Saturday afternoon we all lay down on the grass and watched the many bees buzzing among the flowers.

Madeline le boulanger (the baker)


Maddie loves to bake. To date, she has made 4 pumpkin pies, 1 lemon merengue pie, 3 angel food cakes, numerous brownies and other cookies/cakes.
This week she wanted to make apple rose pastries. I have to admit that I thought pastry might be a bit out of her league, and warned her of it’s complexity, but she persisted. I’m glad she did and I stand corrected. Her pastries were light and flaky and the treats were amazing-tasting and beautiful to boot. We may have a new apprentice for the Modern Bakeshop.

Maddie turns 10!


We’ve hit double digits for both girls now, how fast a decade goes!
On the big day, Madeline had a small dinner with the family, and some cheesecake for her (she is the only one of us who eats cheesecake).

A while later she had a sleepover party with her friends and the scavenger hunt was back by popular demand. I made up 10 clues, and sent the kids all over the neighbourhood. Simon hid little bags of jellybeans without getting arrested for strange and suspicous activity. It’s a good way to tire them out a bit. After angel food cake made by chef Madeline they had a blast on the trampoline with all the tissue paper. So much fun was had that they were actually all asleep before midnight!



Our girls were enrolled in the local ski club; skiing with a coach and their peers every Sunday. They are both little rippers now, Emily easily skiing as fast as an average adult, with grace and fluidity not shared by many. Her sister, a more aggressive style of skier, is hot on her tail.

Maddie and her friend Nicola at the local race.

Maddie was awarded ‘Most Improved Skier’ in her group by her coach this year.

The older kids finish off the season with an overnight campout. With the help of a few dads, the kids build their own snow caves, learning some essential survival skills along the way. They play some search and rescue type games, then have a wiener roast and a giant bonfire. It’s a great experience and the kids love it.

Click both photos below for larger photos:

Emily turns 12


Oficially a pre-teen! Chocolate cake by Maddie, party to follow in the good weather…

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