Spirit Week


The kids dressed up every day of the 2nd last week of school. I missed photos of PJ day and formal wear day but here are some of the other days.

80’s big hair day:
big hair

70’s flower child day:

Career day, a cowgirl:
m cowgirl

Sports Day


The last few weeks of school include some special events such as Sports Day. Madeline was VERY excited, as this was her first. She wore her speedy shorts for the run. She is one of the smallest of the 30 kindergardeners, but came in second in the 100m run.
m run

Passing the potato (much less messy than eggs)
m egg walk

Em bringing it up a notch
e egg

The frisbee toss; on target…
m frisbee

Great form Emily!
em frisbee

How are you doing?


How are you doing is a question I get asked a lot.

It comes in two forms; the casual, “How ya doin?” as you pass a friend by. Polite, but not really meant for a long-winded answer. That’s cool. The other is when people look you in the eye and ask, “How ARE you doing?”

Well, I am doing great! I lead a normal life, much like you. I get the kids off to school each morning and am lucky enough to be able to be home for them when they return. I field questions on everything, such as did mermaids ever exist, and I split up arguments about who got more cheerios in the bowl. Like most, I agonize over what nutritious yet passable-to-the-kids meal to make for dinner each and every night; and although another pair of hands is doing that for me these days, the tasks of figuring it out and shopping are still needed. I am busy; bills need to get paid, kids off to soccer practice, last minute school costumes devised, and any number of other things may be needed in a day.

I have happy days and I have sad days. I yell and scream and I giggle and cry. I try to maintain more giggling and less yelling. My sad days are often hormonally-triggered, like many women, or due to a need for lunch. My sad days are not because I have ALS, I am so over that. It is just a label.

I am Pauline, I am living a great life. I am surrounded by love. My husband is amazing and my two daughters are truly wonderful. I do not live in fear, or fear for my children. I am not living in poverty, in an overcrowded slum; my community is caring, vibrant, and breathtakingly beautiful. Much of the food I eat is locally produced and organically grown, not fast food because it’s cheaper. And I have the liberty to be and say pretty much what I please.

For all of this I am so grateful, and so happy…


Family fishing


When the fish are biting and it’s 27 degrees out in May, it’s time for us all to go fishing. There seems to be a chocolately theme for the day.
First, hot chocolates around the morning campfire.

Nutella on toast for breakfast, with fierce felines.

The first fish of the day is always the most exciting.

We beach the boat and do some exploring…

The girls LOVE to hold the fish!

Nutella ‘pizzas’ with marshmallows on top.

Many thanks to our buddy, Jordy, for loaning us his boat!

Fishin’ season


The snows and ice have retreated and the fish are hungry! Simon doing what he loves, a nice bull trout:

Gorgeous views looking east on Arrow Lake…

Madeline turns 6!!


Maddie’s sixth birthday was counted down for over a month, finally the big day came! She wanted an animal-themed birthday, so we asked everyone to come dressed as an animal, then I did their face paint.

Much anticipation for the cake, angel food with chocolate icing and chocolate whipped cream and strawberries on top; which Madeline very specifically requested much in advance.

Great friends!

Spring at the beach


Springtime in Revelstoke means going down ‘to the flats’. This is the unflooded Columbia River valley, but it is turned into a lake each year in July.
Still snowy up high but 20 degrees down here.
beach view

If I closed my eyes, I could be in Mexico…

Emily turns 8!!


This year Emily requested a sleepover birthday party. We took the plunge and said OK.
It was also Easter weekend so the theme was pretty easy. All set to go…

We were blessed with unusually warm weather this spring and brought the trampoline out a month early.

I love Emily’s happy face in this photo:

Jackie and I made cupcakes that were little bluebirds, complete in their nest, which of course Simon deemed an extreme fire hazard.


After the presents, the wierdness began…

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