A snowless fall


It has been unusually snow-free in Revelstoke this fall. The girls were excited to see a skiff of snow, so they went out and made a mini-snowman.


Hot chocolate on a cool day playing outside.


A Spark ignites!


Maddie proudly wears her new uniform for Sparks, the youngest group of the Girl Guides.

Another first!


Maddie has been anticipating this day for a long time. She came home from school today with an enormous grin on her face, and a tooth in hand.


A first!


A VERY proud girl receiving her first school award today!
Maddie student of the week

Hallowe’en 2012


There was a whole lot of Halloween-ness at the Hunt household this year. It began with a party for the grownups on Saturday night. Simon’s band, the Sofa Kings, played to an enthusiastic crowd, who came out well-dressed and ready to dance! The drummer’s eye view, pre-party:

si's drums

We make a cute couple, don’t you think?


On Monday night there was a family event at the Community Centre with a haunted house that Maddie said, “Wasn’t even scary at all”. Her sister thought otherwise.


The next night both girls got dressed up again for their Sparks and Brownies parties.
And finally it was the big day, the girls shot out of bed like never before. They wore their costumes all day; so did Simon and I. Apparently he scared a few folks at work.


Below, Maddie, the vampire cowgirl, is wearing her grandfather’s cowhide vest and chaps, which he wore as a little boy. This is paired with her dad’s kangaroo-leather Aussie cowboy hat.






Our family ventured to the coast for the holiday weekend, spending time with some of the Hunt family on Gabriola Island. This is definitely one of the many things I have to be thankful for, it is such a beautiful place. Simon especially liked sending time on these rocks with the girls and their cousin because he was about the same age when he first visited these same rocks.

The girls had a blast checking out the marine life. They saw a grey whale, seals, otters, herons, cormorants, starfish, and caught crabs.

This is how I spent much of my time:

It’s the time of year that I can actually catch the sunrise:

What a view!
bed view

Hopefully a painting some day:

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My wheels


Even though I have had this bike since the end of June, I haven’t put up any pictures. I totally, totally LOVE this bike, and enjoyed zooming around all summer.

First Day of School 2012


This year marked the first year of full time school for both girls.
Maddie was VERY excited about going to Kindergarden in the brand new school.
Maddie kindergarden

Emily is dressed for success for the start of grade 2.
Em grade 2

The girls with their friend Alexandra, ready to head off…
3 schoolgirls

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