New Years Eve


Simon played at the ski area village party on New Years Eve. Maybe a few less people came out due to the -20C night, but it was a big success for Simon and those of us that made it. It was the first chance for Simon to sell and hand out his new hats with his DJ name (SiFi) and website on it (, as beautifully modelled by Madeline.  😉

It was a fun venue, with dancing on 2 levels and a birds eye view from the top.

Christmas time


Even though the Santa story has been discovered, there’s always big smiles on Christmas morning.

Amber likes to get in on the fun.

This year we celebrated the holidays with a visit by Simon’s Dad and brother, Pete. Christmas dinner included our good friends Dana, Dean, Jonah and Kaleb. Much merriment was had by all!

Simon and the girls took Pops out for a tour around the mountain, at -15C.

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