Friends in high places


We are thrilled to have my friend, Brett, and his family, Ali and Danielle, visit us here in Revy from the UK. Since the wildflowers are still blooming Simon took them up to the top of Mt. Revelstoke. Looking north:
They went down to the ‘icebox’, with it’s permanent snow year round.
Beautiful views:

First Day of Grade One


Emily began grade one at Mountainview School with her teacher, Ms. Wall. She is very excited. Here is her class:
grade one class
Here’s her first answer of the year, so keen, so cute!

Double Wedding Weekend


We set out for our first wedding of the weekend a bit early so we could do some visiting. Our first stop was Invermere for a night. The girls had a blast with Adam, Michael, and their cousin, Haley; while we relaxed with Rick and Ang.
This photo is good for future bribery...
When in Canmore we had some great visits with some of the Jasper crowd. This playground has a great view:
Our daughter putting peanut butter on ham…?
pb and h
On Saturday we attended Jordy and Lori’s wedding. The girls wore their Oriental finest.
3 beauties
It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.
lori and jordy
THEN, we hopped in the truck and drove 3 hrs. back to Revelstoke because Simon had a gig at he wedding of our Revelstoke friends; Brent & Tina. Because it was the last event of the summer, we let the girls stay up as late as they wanted. They made it to 12:30am! Happily they slept in until 10:30 the next morning. They found the dress-up box that afternoon:

Wildflower mania


This year has been one of strange occurences in the climactic world of Revelstoke. I know this is true everywhere, but that’s another can o’ worms for later…
The super-heavy snowfall last winter, together with a cool, wet, extended spring, have created a stall in the alpine wildflower display up to now. The happy conclusion of this is that all of the alpine wildfllowers are blooming at the same time, in a mad rush to reproduce before the chilling frosts return.
The ‘meadows-in-the-sky parkway’, a 26 km road to the top of Mt. Revelstoke National Park:
Mt Rev road
A view up on top of Mt. Revelstoke:
Nice Flowers!
The parkway with Mt. Begbie across the valley:
flowers and begbie
Flowers as far as the eye can see…



Simon, Dana, Dean and I travelled 4 hours south to the hamlet of Salmo which is the unpretentious home of one of the planet’s best music festivals, Shambhala. It is held on a 500 acre farm over 5 days, and features 5 stages, food and craft vendors, and 10,000 people.
We had a camping spot right next to the endless flow of people coming and going. It was awesome people watching as many costumes are really over the top.
During the day we chilled out at the river, while listening to the music from the nearby Beach stage; watching the jugglers and gyrating hula-hoopers.
The Beach
Simon wore his dad’s day-glo ski shirt from the 60’s. It looked cool under the black lights:
Black lights
One of the stages in the middle of the forest, and our favourite spot, the Fractal Forest:
Fractal Forest
The Village stage:
The Village stage
I give a heartfelt thanks from all 4 of us to our great friend, Alex, for rolling out the red carpet and giving us the VIP treatment and also to our supporting cast for watching the kids. It was an awesome experience!!!!

This is the way I roll…


My new electric bike!! I am super stoked!!
e bike

Syl and Trev visit!


We were happy to host Sylvia, our sister, and her fiance, Trevor, at our place for a few days. We had spectacular weather so we went up Mt. Revelstoke for a little hike.
Looking north…
Syl and girls
Along the trail…
At the end of the hike the girls pared down and jumped into the very shallow but very chilly Balsam Lake, which I imagine was ice only 2 weeks ago…
skinny dipper
All that fresh mountain air and hiking is very tiring!!
Auntie Syl, our super aerialist, was pressed to show the girls some tricks on the trampoline.

Family Celebrations


We also visited Vancouver for some special family celebrations. The girls’ Nonna had a birthday; of course any excuse for cake is A-OK with our kids!
happy birthday Nonna!
The next weekend a party was held to celebrate the engagement of our sister, Sylvia, and her fiance Trevor. There was some fiercely competetive croquet…
I made up a ‘family crest’ for Syl and Trev, incorporating their two favourite hockey teams and past-times.
After all that celebrating it’s nice to just relax!
Maddie likes to dress up in some beautiful scarves:
We had some great visits with other family members too. Here Maddie is showing her cousins, Mark and Graeme, about her travels in Tibet:

Parks Canada Day


Simon manned a firefighting information booth at Stanley Park in Vancouver.
fire booth
Although it poured for 6 solid hours, it was well attended when the rain finally abated. We came down for a visit, here are the fire beavers:
Fire beavers
Also, Simon hammed it up with BeeBop the Beluga from the Vancouver aquarium.
fire whale
Our friend, Marc, entertaining his daughter, Imogen, with some huge bubbles:

Summer days


We went for a little hike at Mt. Revelstoke, on the 2km trail and the Nels Nelson ski jump. Si and the girls climbed to the top of the ski jump area, like the little mountain girls that they are. They make me so proud!
girls up high
Looking west towards Eagle Pass and the TCH.
valley view
With some hot days, the freezies inevitably come out. This is the neighbouring kids and our girls enjoying a hot summer day.

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