Wildflower mania

August 27, 2011

This year has been one of strange occurences in the climactic world of Revelstoke. I know this is true everywhere, but that’s another can o’ worms for later…
The super-heavy snowfall last winter, together with a cool, wet, extended spring, have created a stall in the alpine wildflower display up to now. The happy conclusion of this is that all of the alpine wildfllowers are blooming at the same time, in a mad rush to reproduce before the chilling frosts return.
The ‘meadows-in-the-sky parkway’, a 26 km road to the top of Mt. Revelstoke National Park:
Mt Rev road
A view up on top of Mt. Revelstoke:
Nice Flowers!
The parkway with Mt. Begbie across the valley:
flowers and begbie
Flowers as far as the eye can see…