Art Projects


I’ve been involved in a few artistic projects lately. Our friends host a yearly garlic festival at their urban farm in Revelstoke. In exchange for garlic, farm fresh eggs and honey, I design their posters and website. It’s fun working on projects where I am given 100% creativity. Here is this year’s poster:


Another fun project was creating the LUNA art festival webpage. This is the first year of a night-time street art festival with 25 artists and some amazingly creative ideas, outdoors and in downtown Revelstoke. Simon is playing the end of evening party in the Explorer’s Society ballroom on Sept 30th.
Click here to go to the LUNA site:

Riding up into the alpine


On the final day, we made it up the RMR gondola to about 1700m / 5,500 ft.

This is the first summer in operation with a few hiking trails built. Simon, our girls, and a neighbour went on a short trail to a lookout spot and then together we went exploring in the opposite direction on the cat road.

Under the Stoke chair, that leads to the top in the winter.

It was a refreshing break from the heat at valley bottom, and I love the uniquely alpine smell of the Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir.



Labour Day weekend marks the end of summer and the Interior Provincial Exhibition. It was a hot one, 33 degrees midday. Whew! We kept everyone hydrated and the kids didn’t care about the heat on the rides.

Things we don’t see often


It was a busy week with new things… an eclipse and kangaroos. We took the Meadows in the Sky Parkway to the mountain top of Mt. Revelstoke National Park to see the eclipse. Luckily they handed out the cool viewing glasses so nobody’s retinas were burned. It was a cool experience but did not get nearly as dark outside as I had thought.

I thought the coolest thing was that all shadows were little crescent shapes, even irregularly shaped tree shadows!

The other new thing was a visit to the Kangaroo farm near Kelowna. There’s lots of roos, wallabys and other animals to visit, and some really cute baby joeys to hold too.

This wallaby came up and hung out with me.

5 by 5


I participated in the latest show at the Revelstoke Art Gallery. Five photographers submitted a photo, and 5 artists choose to interpret one of them. The result is a dynamic and varied interpretation of the photos.
Here is the photo I chose:

The first thing that this photo said to me was that the blurriness denotes the passage of a moment in time, and in this case, on the prairies. I chose to highlight the plight of the millions and millions of bison that were senselessly eradicated around the date 1870, and the sorrow of the native peoples who depended on them.

Photo from the Revelstoke Review:

Emily and Maddie’s summer on the coast


Similar to last summer, Emily spent two weeks with her cousins and family, while they vacationed on Hornby Island. It’s a pretty cushy gig. Here’s a few photos that were sent to me:

At the same time, Madeline spent a week with her grandparents in Vancouver, and went to an arts camp. Here’s a fun animation she created:

The following week she went up to Squamish to stay with Simon’s brother and family.

And finally, my birthday…


It’s taken me 6 months, but I finally whittled 500 great photos by Keri Knapp Photogrphy down to 25 for the blog. A difficult task indeed! For archival purposes it is dated on my birthday, here’s a link to the new page: Pauline’s 50th Birthday party

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