Digital Creations


Here are two pieces that I submitted into our local art gallery for the current shows.

The first show is titled Pattern Play, so I assume no explanation is required.


The second show, titled Passion and Perspective, looked for artistic impressions about something one is passionate about. I’ve been morbidly fascinated with the maps showing the projected shorelines of the world after the polar ice caps melt. We don’t know how fast that will happen but it does seem to be accelerating at an alarming rate.


A New School Year


Here we are starting the 2016-17 school year already! It feels like summer never really got into full swing in Revelstoke, or I guess it did in April and May..?! And fall just came in like a hammer this week, time to cover up the basil at night. Basil doesn’t like single digit temperatures, but I digress…
Emily is in Grade 6 this year, in a 6/7 split class at BegbieView elementary (no middle school here), Madeline is in grade 4 at the ecole des glaciers. I cannot get a school photo of the girls together in the morning because Maddie is off to get on her bus before Emily is ready in the morning. Emily is just 3 minutes from her school.
They are both happy about their teachers and classes and were very excited to see all their friends again.


Interior Pacific Exhibition


We made it down to nearby Armstrong, BC for the fair.
The animals are a big hit, who doesn’t love seeing the baby animals!!?

The girls got to lead a llama around an obstacle course.

Of course, our girls are big fans of the midway, and we met up with some friends from Revelstoke which was even more fun on the rides.

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Hiking to Abbott Meadows


We went on a very memorable hike up to Abbott Meadows in Rogers Pass last weekend. It is a special place for Simon and I, we visited this spot a number of times in our first years together. In memory of these beautiful moments, our wedding rings are sculpted to feature the view from this spot. This is the first time we’ve visited this spot with Emily and Madeline. They too were captivated by the view.
My friend, and previous adventure race team-mate, Troy, is the founder of an Adaptive Sports program in Kelowna. He brought the trail rider hiking chair, and a team of young, strong lads to help get us up the mountainside. It is a steep 11.5 km trail, roundtrip, with an elevation gain of 900 metres (3000 ft).
Much gratitude to Simon and my friends Dana, Lisa, Andrea, and Chris for all their collective horsepower; this was no stroll in the park. And also a big thanks to Troy, Lynette and the CRIS guys for making this happen!

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Shambhala 2016


Six years in a row, and still one of the highlights of our summers!


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Canada Plus Grand que Nature


Maddie was invited to participate in the filming of a french TV show called Canada Plus Grand que Nature, hosted by Jean Luc Brassard, Canadian Olympic medal holder in freestyle skiing. The show is all about him experiencing beautiful places throughout Canada and getting out with the locals. They were visiting Mt. Revelstoke National Park on mountain bikes.


Watch last year’s show filmed at Rogers Pass:

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