Super Shredder


Madeline has embraced skiing this year, she has now advanced to skiing from the top of the mountain on the blue or green runs.
She’s not quite ready for this one…yet.

kill the banker

Great views to be had at our ski area, it’s nice to be able to get above the valley clouds.

maddie skis

Shake it


I picked up this skirt in Venice Beach for Maddie, because she often talks about belly dancing. This is her favourite dress up top, so I figured the skirt would be ideal for the ensemble.

maddie bellydancer

Cute girls



Gabriela’s first visit to Revy


Simon’s brother, Cameron, and his wife and daughter, Johanna and Gabriela; visited for a few days. Little Gabi is only about 3.5 months old. She’s such a little cutie. Emily and Madeline love having a little cousin, they will be quite a trio some day!


Another lost tooth


Emily is definitely in the middle of the exchange of baby teeth for adult teeth. Too bad it is not October right now, she would make a good jack o’lantern for Hallowe’en.


Banner Painting 2012


This is the fifth year that I have painted one of these banners that decorate the light standards of Revelstoke all spring and summer. What was special this year was that Emily and Maddie painted one of their own for the first time. This year’s theme is water which was perfect for our mermaid-loving girls. We had lots of fun, and they did it all on their own with only some black outlining on my part. Thanks heaps to Jackie and her dog for helping us out too!

Winter Finery


Emily and Madeline love their dresses. Their Nonna auntie found them some exquisite Christmas dresses. Here they are at a party over the holidays where they just happened to match their cousin’s bed.
Ems dress

Maddies dress

My Beautiful Girls



Christmas in Whistler


After doing all our visiting in Vancouver we headed up to Whistler for 5 days with some of the family. On the 23rd Emily and Maddie went to ski school for the day while I tried out sit-skiing for the first time. It was tough but fun to feel the cool air rushing past my face again. There is a really great foundation that was started in Revelstoke called Live It Love It. Their aim is to bring outdoor sports back to disabled persons. They were very generous in funding my lesson day. Read all about my day here.
That evening we were whisked off to the nearby Callaghan Valley to a remote spot courtesy of Mike and Becky. Some of us went dogsledding and snowshoeing. There was a campfire with the obligatory marshmallow roasting and a really cozy restored caboose to chill out in and have a yummy meal. A big thanks to the Kerfs for a memorable evening, including the round of carolling in the bus headed by our resident chanteuse, Madeline.
We had a wonderful Christmas day and were spoiled by Santa and family alike. Here is Maddie posing in her new outfit all the way from Australia:
new clothes
We had a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner as well.
dinner table
And finally, on return to Revelstoke, there were a few presents still to unwrap. The girls absolutely LOVE their ballerina style dresses from my parents. Here they are as whirling dirvishes:



We spent the Christmas holidays with Simon’s side of the family in Vancouver. It always kicks off with cousins Bruce and Cathy’s Solstice party on the 21st. This is always a well attended event by friends and family alike but the friends often joke that it’s actually a Hunt family party with a few others thrown in there for fun, there ARE a lot of us after all. It was great to see the Boston chapter in attendance this year too!
We had a few chances to meet the newest family members; little Gabriela Hunt and Charlie Kerfoot. They are both under 2 months old so it was a real treat to meet such tiny babies. Emily was especially thrilled to meet and hold her new cousins and I’m sure she will be the cousin-in-charge one day soon enough.
Seven week old Charlie:
me and Charlie
Two week old Gabriela:

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