Family fishing


When the fish are biting and it’s 27 degrees out in May, it’s time for us all to go fishing. There seems to be a chocolately theme for the day.
First, hot chocolates around the morning campfire.

Nutella on toast for breakfast, with fierce felines.

The first fish of the day is always the most exciting.

We beach the boat and do some exploring…

The girls LOVE to hold the fish!

Nutella ‘pizzas’ with marshmallows on top.

Many thanks to our buddy, Jordy, for loaning us his boat!

Fishin’ season


The snows and ice have retreated and the fish are hungry! Simon doing what he loves, a nice bull trout:

Gorgeous views looking east on Arrow Lake…

Music everywhere…


When you live with a musician, you never know when and where the next creative outburst is going to happen. Sometimes it happens while making dinner. Luckily, Emily seems to have bypassed her father and is taking care of things herself.


Simon’s birthday


Simon, a fellow Aquarian, is first every year to celebrate a birthday in our family.
Handmade cards are always a part of the birthday, and this year, matching bracelets for Simon and Maddie.


We stick to tradition and make Simon’s fave; angel food cake with lemon glaze and whipped cream! Mmmmmmm!


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