This was Emily’s first season of organized soccer. She loved it! Emily shows great promise in her future soccer career. She is keen to chase the ball and be first to it, this girl has wheels! Go Emily!!

Fishing in the Columbia


Simon and I have been taking short trips down to the banks of the Columbia River lately, throwing in a few fishing lines, and letting the girls play along the shoreline.
The evenings have been sooo beautiful…
maddie splashes
girls on beach

river reflections
si fishes

Happy Father’s Day!


All I can say is that I am the luckiest woman alive to have a guy like Simon around, and as the best dad ever for our kids! I think the girls agree…
happy si

Visitors and around the house…


The melting of the snow and the re-awakening of all things living in spring also herald the beginning of travel season. Being situated on the Trans-Canada highway, we get our share of passers-by.
Here’s a great pic of the girls and their friend, Zaia.
3 girls
Maddie is not only a budding drawer/painter, but a sculptor too:

Sports Day for Emily


Emily really enjoyed her first sports day. She proudly displayed her 7 ribbons for at least 24 hours afterwards.
Out in front in the ball carry:
ball carry
Such form in the frisbee toss:
frisbee toss
Emily also received her first “High-Five Award” for displaying the 5 tenets of their school: safety, caring, respect, sharing, and responsible behaviour. She happened to receive her award the same day as her buddy, Kaleb.

Birthdays galore!


The four of us have birthdays all in a row; Jan, Feb, March and April. With our arrival back in Canada right in the midst of all this celebration, we got to celebrate our birthdays more than once.
Also, when packages arrive from far-away people like the girls’ Nanny Kirsty, they are opened with great zeal. Here are the girls posing in their new finery:
birthday clothes
Also, Madeline likes to dress herself now. Check out this high-fashion, “I just threw this together” looks she’s got going for her pal, Olivia’s birthday.
fashion girl

A biker is born!


As timing worked out, Emily had a few short weeks to learn to ride a bike before our trip. While in China we did buy her a bike, but she spent most of the time with the training wheels on riding up and down the hospital hallways…it was not too busy when we were there.
So, when she got home she literally jumped on her bike and took off! And two days later she was zooming up, down, and around the skateboard park ramps.
Simon and Emily proudly ride their bikes together to school/work. I am so happy we live in a place where this is possible. bikers

Em’s first day of school


Today Emily started kindergarten at Mountainview Elementary school. She was very excited and did not mind getting up earlier than usual. She had a great time and learned a few new things. We are very proud of our big 6 year old!

Emily starts school

The last leg


After saying good-bye to our family in Vancouver we sped eastwards into central BC. We made a 2-day stop in Kamloops to give big hugs to Kat and Bec; as well as two days of heated scrabble playing. Leaving Kamloops, we packed the suitcase and bags for one last time and headed home.

There was a lot of snow on the side of the Coquihalla highway at the summit, but it was springtime everywhere else in the province…until Revelstoke. We kept wondering when the snow was going to ‘start’. Scant patches were to be found merely 20 minutes from Revelstoke, but 2 ft. of snow and 6 ft. snowbanks still prevail in our small city. Emily is quite excited to be able to play in the snow, since we more or less skipped winter this year. She promptly made a snowman or woman Saturday afternoon.
Sunday was devoted to skiing and the ski area was offering $10 lessons. It was so quiet at the hill that both girls got private lessons. Since she’s a last year pro, Emily and her instructor skiied from the top of the gondola.
Maddie learned to ski in two hours. Literally. She was pretty keen to learn to do it BY HERSELF and has already announced that we’re not necessary any more. I’m sure that’s not the last time I’ll hear that.

Maddie skis

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