Another first!


Maddie has been anticipating this day for a long time. She came home from school today with an enormous grin on her face, and a tooth in hand.


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“Another first!”

  1. On January 9th, 2013 at 8:19 pm Lorraine Says:

    Hello Hunt Family,

    Seeing as you seem to be snow and art lovers I thought you might enjoy the art of Adam Beck an his snow quilting. Sorry that’s Simon Beck.
    Unfortunately I do not have the skills (yet) to pass the sight on automatically or what ever the lingo is, I’m busy in my manual life.

    And on the family note Adrian Ratelle accidently found our long lost cousin, Helena (or Suzie) Mitchell while at work one day, she phone looking for a used Saab, Adrien said I think I recognize your name….. Helana Mitchell had been trying to find the Ratelles. Funny Adrien and Helana look like twins.
    How is life out there? The girls look great!
    On the topic of snow my son, Menowaywin has an obsession with snow grooming machine and one of his goals is to go to snow grooming school.
    We’ve been on a tour of the snow grooming headquarters outside of Barrie.
    Let me know if you are ever in Toronto, I usually go a few times a year.
    We could meet up.
    Take Care, Lorraine

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