Merry Christmas!

December 31, 2015


Well it was another Hunt adventure this week on our way down to Vancouver to visit Simon’s family…

We got one hour into the journey, just short of Salmon Arm, when our truck sputtered out and quit on us. We called the tow truck, waited for an hour and made our way back home. The truck repair shop is closed on Sundays so Simon and Emily went skiing and caught some fresh powder. We set out again Monday morning with the generous donation of our neighbour’s vehicle. On take two of our trip we were only 20 minutes west of Revelstoke when we got a flat tire. Needless to say we were not excited about this but we fixed it, got back to Revelstoke, had the tire fixed and headed back to Vancouver.
This time our trip is going smoothly and as we crossed over the summit of the Coquihalla Hwy we saw a giant inferno ahead. It was a semi truck with the whole cab engulfed in flames. As it turns out, that truck was carrying groceries to Revelstoke, so there was nary a brussel sprout or fresh cranberry to be had for Christmas dinner in Revelstoke this year. It is a good example of how quickly our food supply chain can be broken. truck
We made it to Vancouver at 11pm for the tail end of our cousin’s Solstice party. It’s so nice to visit the greenery of Vancouver from our wintery paradise, I love it. We had a wonderful Christmas celebration in Whistler with many family members then made the round trip back to Revelstoke.