Détente aux Laurentides – Relaxing in the Laurentians


We made a visit to our dear adoptive family, Jacques et Nadine. They have a wonderful chalet in the woods on Lac Doré north of Ottawa. It is very quiet and relaxing there. This year there is still almost a metre of snow there so we had some fun sledding.
Em slides
Maddie slides
The girls love to feed the local deer, who come to the house twice daily for corn and alfalfa pellets.
Feeding deer
On this visit, a neighbour left her dog, Fluffy, with us for a few days. She was well loved.
Nous sommes tristes de dites au revoir aux Jacques et Nadine…à la prochaine!!

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“Détente aux Laurentides – Relaxing in the Laurentians”

  1. On March 22nd, 2011 at 11:41 pm Aaron Says:

    Just enjoying catching up on your journeys over a cup of coffee up here in whistler … so awesome …. and nice jam room pic! Looking forward to getting together soon , Air

  2. On May 14th, 2011 at 8:15 pm Nadine Côté Says:

    Dear Pauline and Simon, it is our pleasure to have you over. We enjoyed every minute of your visit. Oh I love the pictures and I also enjoyed the yummy meals that you did Simon.

    Dear Pauline, I read the book, thank you so much to take the time to stay at our house, you take care.

    Emily and Madeleine you are so cute and you are my favourite princesses, Fluffy was here last week, and Rejeanne was talking about you. Fluffy is sending you big kisses.

    Love you all and see you soon!
    Nadine and Jacques

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