The ongoing adventures of the Hunt family

Revelstoke from above

We are a young family who live in paradise. Towering peaks, pristine wilderness, a vibrant community and beautiful friends. It is just this that has made our lives the most settled when faced with Pauline’s diagnosis of ALS such as we did in December 2009. Mere moments from diagnosis, Pauline knew that Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative therapies would be of value to her.
So, we embarked on a year of change. Our focus in 2010 was to create happy memories for ourselves and our children, ones that we would all cherish in the future. We believe the best way to do this is to go on many ‘adventures’ together as a couple and with the girls.
With treatment in mind, we travelled to the Hunan Province in China. After spending five months in China we set out to continue around the world on our way home. The trip was amazing, both for us and our two daughters. Seeing the world through their eyes was wonderful.

Yak ride

The outpouring of generosity in our families, friends, co-workers and communities is astounding; we are so fortunate to have all this love and support behind us.
That year of travelling is now a fond memory, but our adventures have continued!

We invite you to follow our adventures here!

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