Nepal driving


After we walked across the bridge into Nepal we were greeted by a new guide and driver to take us to Kathmandu. It is only a 150 km drive but it takes 3-4 hours due to the road condition (or lack thereof!). Here is a piece of the ‘better’ looking part of the road, although a waterfall is cascading across it and there is 5 inches of water, it is, at least concrete.
Amazingly, this is the MAIN artery for shipping back and forth from Tibet to Nepal. Apparently there are 3000 of these trucks going back and forth. The road deteriorates to one lane of slimy mud where the mountainside has washed out in many places. Here are some of the trucks waiting to be loaded up or unloaded.
Cars are definitely a luxury item, costing the equivalent of $30,000 for a micro-sized car. So this is how most families travel:
family mobile
After the long drive, we made it to Kathmandu!

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“Nepal driving”

  1. On November 27th, 2010 at 12:47 am Richard Parsloe Says:

    Just visioned five riding up on top! (ha ha) Such beautiful updates, the smiles on all your faces has been so – contagious.

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