While we were in the French Riviera we took a short train ride to the principality of Monaco. We took a tour bus ride to see the sights, as it’s not very big at all.
We also took a boat ride across the harbour inbetween the old city and Monte Carlo:
Monaco harbour
Here is the castle entrance where Prince Albert II still lives:
Monaco castle
The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo:
But, for it’s size, the degree of opulence is off the charts. We had our most expensive meal so far; a Caprese salad, a chocolate crepe, a margherita pizza, 2 hot chocolates, a tea and a glass of wine, all for $75!! I figure it was a $50 view of the harbour! I guess with all the decadent and rich choices in the food department, this may come in handy for some:
Here’s how the big boys compete with their toys:
Big radar

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