Living it up in Phuket


We spent the last week at a Marriott resort at Surin Beach, Phuket. We decided to treat ourselves and more-importantly, our kids, after 5 months in China with limited playmates for them. This resort had a kids club and two waterslides, which the girls absolutely loved.
The beach was also very beautiful.
Surin beach
Directly after breakfast each day they ditched us in favour of playing with the other children at the kids club.
Kids world
Another reason this was a special week was that Simon’s mom joined us from Australia. Emily and Maddie certainly enjoyed the company of their Nanny Kirsty, who lets them wear bright red or pink lipstick when we dress up for dinner.
Fancy dining
One night we did a very Thai thing, lightng these lanterns and letting them go on the beach, watching them sail away on the ocean breeze.
We had some great highlights together. Firstly we took a boat trip to Koh Phi Phi and a few other surrounding islands.
Monkey Beach
Maya Beach, on Koh Phi Phi Leh; although slightly altered for the film, “The Beach”, is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen.
Simon on Maya beach
Maya beach
Starfish girl
Climber dude
The film added a waterfall and a sense of a different entry, but the beach is essentially the same. Emily lost her first tooth on this day as well.
Lost tooth
Another day we took a trip to visit the elephant safari. We all took a ride on top of an elephant and the girls had a blast feeding them.
Riding the elephant
Emily feeds the elephant
Feeding elephants
The elephant that the girls and I rode on was a youngster, only 16, and he liked grabbing branches along the way for a snack then running to catch up to the group. Being on a running elephant is an experience like no other!
Elephant riders
We met a lovely family from the US, who were also living in China. We were able to share our funny Chinese experiences together. We took a trip to a neighbouring beach one day.
Little fish
Beach sunset
4 Girls

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