Answering the big question…Was it worth it???


Our stay in China has come to an end after 5 months. It has been an interesting and valuable experience. Medically speaking, I feel that the treatments have had some benefits. I did not get the miracle cure that I once may have hoped for, but I found other things. I found out how to better manage my condition; what makes it better and what makes it worse. I found out that I get results when I stick to my regular strengthening exercises, and that when I slack off it shows. I have learned that daily meditation is my greatest ally and that my brain needs to be ‘turned off’ for a while every day. Most importantly, though, is something that I already knew was confirmed; a positive mindset goes a long way to healing and feeling better. When doubt or anger or impatience clouded my mind, I did not show any progressive results. When my thoughts were positive I did. So I am happy to be at more or less a similar state as I was 5 months ago, which in my opinion is a positive when all I have been promised in the West is a steady decline of health. I am continuing my daily herbal tea (or capsules) and hope to continue on this path of positive progression.
Also, it is always worth it. The things that my family and I have experienced, seen, tasted, touched and lived were like no other in our lives. As always, life is an adventure…!
There is beauty in life

The Great Wall


After leaving Nepal, we flew up to Beijing. We were pretty tired from all of the month’s previous sightseeing, so we only had two things on our itinerary; climb the Great Wall and sample some Peking duck. I found us a fabulous suite in a downtown hotel (Expedia rocks!) for $1000 less than the rack rate, so we had ample room to chill out.
Heading up
The first day we went to one of the sections of the Great Wall, Juyongguan Pass, an important military stronghold. It is a steep climb up but Emily and Maddie BOTH made it all the way, unassisted.
Great climbers
All it took was one oreo at each guard’s tower! They are super climber/hikers, we are so proud of our mountain girls!!
On top
We put Madeline in the backpack carrier for the way down, not because she was tired, it was too steep.
Heading down
We went down a different section than we came up and it just got steeper….
and steeper…
And really, really steep…
Simon’s dad bought the girls medals at the bottom, commemorating their achievement. They were very excited about this and have since showed them to all people that may be nearby.
The next day we went to a restaurant in the Hyatt Grand Hotel named ‘Made in China’. It was recommended that they may have the BEST Peking duck in all of Beijing. We tried it out, the skin, dipped in sugar, literally melted in our mouths. The meat was tender and juicy, you wrap it in a pancake of sorts, with sauce and a few accompanying condiments; fabulous! This restaurant definitely gets our vote! Although we didn’t sit in the ‘wine room’, these pic’s are for you, Cam!
wine table
wine racks

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