The new hospital


We went for a group trip out to the site of the new hospital that is being built. It is the pride and joy of Dr. Ming and he is eager to get it finished and all of us in there. Unfortunately it looks to me that it is not that close to being finished, despite rumours of us moving anywhere from 3-10 days from now.
new hospital
The hospital is in the newly built suburb of Huaihua called Zhongfang, and is set in a fairly idyllic setting in the countryside…
rooftop countryside
We have learned that, in China, everything has a yin and a yang. Yes, we will be near the beautiful mountains with a grove of orange trees right beside us; away from the constant honking and diesel fumes of the traffic in the city. However, this is the view from the other side of the hospital:
Hopefully the predominant wind direction stays away from us!



Just a quick trip to Montreal; to visit Simon’s dear friend Julie and her family. It was a multi-lingual day as Julie and her partner Isra speak French, English and Spanish. Isra’s parent’s from Mexico just arrived this day, and Julie’s father from France joined us; we all had a lovely tri-lingual dinner celebration together. The girls enjoyed a day with 3 year old Gael and baby Mattias.

The next day we went for lunch to have some world-famous Montreal smoked meat on rye. And boy, was it good! Back on the train to Toronto…au revoir Quebec!

R & R Quebecois style


We have made it a a little piece of paradise.

We are now situated on remote Lac Simon (yes, really) where our friends, Jacques et Nadine, live. This cabin-turned house is really homey now that Jacques has fully fixed it up. It has been pretty cool and blustery while we’re here, so we content ourselves to relax in the cabin, do a little yard work and hike up the ‘mountains’ in this area.

We are actually in the foothills or the very edge of the Laurentians, whichever way you look at it. Jacques took us on a ride on his six-wheeler, which the girls thought was pretty fun. I thought the maze of maple sap collecting lines attached to the trees around here were quite interesting.

We are sad to go, as we enjoy the quiet surroundings and company of Jacques and Nadine so much. A la prochaine!

The Nation’s Capital


We took the VIA train to Ottawa, that is the way to go. Very comfy and great for little kids who don’t really want to sit still for long. We were met at the station by Simon’s buddy, Dean and his daughter, Shae. She is the same age as Emily and they became fast friends instantly. So much to do at their house, so many new toys! The girls were in heaven!

Simon brought his new film, The Burning Question, to show to the National office for Parks Canada. The event was well attended and we believe the film was enjoyed by all. After that we went to the Museum of Canadian Civilization in Gatineau, where there is an awesome kids area. Check it out here… It is set up like small scenarios from different countries; from a bedouin tent to a outdoor fruit market, from a tea or dressmaker’s shop to a sushi bistro where the kids pretend to serve you. Really cool for kids of many ages.

On to Toronto


After a quick 24 hours stop-over in Vancouver, giving us enough time to switch from summer wear to unknown-weather spring clothes, we flew to my parent’s place in Toronto.

We celebrated Emily’s 5th birthday at her grandparents’ house with the requisite chocolate cake. Just a few days later was Easter, and the bunny managed to find the girls even when they were across the country. We visited the Metro Toronto Zoo, which is really quiet this time of year. The extra sections are not open though, like the camel rides, water park and petting zoo. Regardless, we enjoyed having the place almost all to ourselves.

The girls especially like the cheetah, tigers, elephants and gorillas. My fave has always been the polar bears, they were laying low and just chillin’ while we were there.

Another fun thing we did in Toronto was to visit the CN Tower. At 500+ metres, it’s a long way down! It was definitely a highlight of our trip. We had the world’s highest beer and the girls enjoyed the world’s highest fries. Ok, at least OUR world’s highest.

Hola Amigos!


Hello from sunny Mexico!

The Hunt Adventures have continued south, to the shores of the Mayan Riviera near Tulum. We are situated in a gigantic resort; the Bahia Principe. It is aunt Bev’s 75th birthday this year and she decided a family trip would be a fun way to celebrate. Us Revy Hunts just decided to come along for the ride! There are 14 of us here, so lots of eyes to watch the girls. The food is good, pretty much anything one would want; and the drinks are always flowing! Our days are spent on the beach and at poolside and not much else.

We had already visited the Mayan ruins of Tulum, so decided not to this time. We also thought any place like Xel-ha (a great snorkelling destination) would be too difficult with little ones. The girls are having a blast and we are getting some much-needed relaxation.

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