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Pauline is a graphic/web designer living in the idyllic mountain town of Revelstoke, BC. She is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her.

Her current foray into digital artwork is an interpretation of patterns and texture on and within our personal landscapes. As social beings, we strive to be part of a community; looking for patterns in a chaotic world. Where do we find our sameness? Our differences? I strive to take the patterns that we know, that resonate within us, and turn them around; out of place, or in just the right place? It’s all in the eyes of the viewer.

“Art is an exploration into the mind of the viewer, and as an artist, I have failed if I have not elicited a response, a thought, a question. I seek to provide questions, not answers, so that our days may be filled with wonderment and discovery.”

The stats:

  • 4 years college in Graphic Design and Illustration
  • 20+ years as a freelance graphic designer
  • Painter, sculptor, mixed media artist for last 35 years

All digital art is printed using an archival-quality, 12-color pigment ink system onto an award-winning matte canvas from Breathing Color; and finished with a museum-grade matte varnish to protect from UV rays, handling and cleaning.

Contact me here for sales enquiries and to commission a custom piece of art.